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Mumbo Island is "true Africa"

Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine of The Mail & Guardian is soothed by Mumbo's unpretentious beauty after an eye-opening visit to Malawi: "How fitting to spend the last night at an ecolodge, Mumbo Island, a sanctuary without electricity, where water has to be heated and bucketed for cowboy-style showers and meals are prepared simply, using plenty of fresh produce from the land and the lake. All thatch and timber and canvas, with lake views that draw tears to one’s eyes, the camp allows one to truly appreciate the beguiling and bewildering wonder that can be Africa."
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Warm Heart of Malawi; Africa's Imperfect Charm

Mumbo Island equals Paradise

We love this great review of Mumbo Island posted recently! Here is a quote to entice you to read the full article:
"“There are two paradises,” says Joseph. “The first is heaven. The second is Mumbo Island.”
After four days on Mumbo, I can tell you, God has his work cut out for himself.
Mumbo is nothing short of spectacular. All other eco-resorts and lodges should measure themselves against their standards."


Mumbo is one of the Top 100 Hotels in the World!

Mumbo Island Camp in Malawi was recently chosen as one of the Top 100 Hotels in the World in the United Kingdom’s Sunday Times Travel Magazine. Mumbo Island is an exclusive island camp on an uninhabited island that forms part of the Lake Malawi National Park. It has been owned and operated by Kayak Africa since the company was first awarded the concession to the island in 1996. Mumbo was one of only seven hotels chosen from Africa.


Mumbo Island and Domwe Island in February's Getaway Magazine!

We are so excited to find our islands featured in two double page spreads in the latest Getaway Magazine. What a well-written article with great pictures of Malawi in general and Mumbo and Domwe Islands in particular.
See the full article in their blog here: Malawi in a Mini: Mumbo and Domwe Islands


A Castaway Holiday on Domwe Island, by Sarah Isaacs

We loved this review of Domwe by Getaway's Sarah Isaacs:
"Just a stone’s throw from the Malawian mainland, Domwe Island is a remote retreat with mountain views, secluded beach alcoves and dense indigenous bush. Those seeking a Lake Malawi experience away from the mainland’s crowded fishing villages and rowdy tourist jaunts will find this island’s uncultivated beauty exceptionally refreshing."
Read the full text here: Castaway Holiday on Domwe Island

Mumbo Island in SA ELLE DECO's December 2011 issue

Mumbo Island featured in a gorgeous photographic essay by talented photographer Adriaan Louw in ELLE DECO South Africa's December 2011 issue.
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On the Trail of Madonna, by Simon Busch, MSN Travel, Sept 2010

It isn't only aging pop stars who should get to know poor but beautiful Malawi, says this journalist.
"The only signs of habitation among the ancient fig and baobab trees that carpet the tiny circle of land an hour or so by boat from the Malawian mainland are the neat, temporary tented platforms erected at vantage points to house the 14 or so guests allowed on Mumbo at any one time. You eat fish from the lake and then retire to one of these barely-there eyries to watch the setting sun coat the lake in gold and blood." Full text below... or on: On The Trail of Madonna


Island Hopping on Malawi's Lake of Stars, by Sarah Isaacs

"...The beauty of Mumbo is the mix of activity and relaxation. We were only there for two nights and we had enough time to walk every trail, kayak around the island, snorkel, lounge, read, drink and snooze without ever feeling rushed. You can sit for hours on a rock, captivated by cormorants drying their wings or king fishers displaying their royalty. You can just as easily kayak out to meet fishermen in their makoros or jump repetitively off a fifteen-meter high boulder. Whatever your preference, you won’t want to be anywhere else..."
Read the whole text on More.. or on Island Hopping on the Lake of Stars


The Times, London, July 2009

"...If Likoma seemed like heaven then Mumbo (a finalist in Times Travel’s Green Spaces awards last year) takes you even farther into a state of bliss. It’s important to know that the resort, unlike so many, pays more than lip service to eco-credentials — long-drop loos and no electricity are only the start.
Accommodation is in luxurious safari-style tents set on headlands looking over the water. Bathrooms have bucket showers and biodegradable soap and shampoo.


May 2011, TNT magazine, Eco-travel in Malawi

... we run aground on the sand that fringes Lake Malawi’s Mumbo Island and sink toes into what’s best described as a sub-Saharan Eden. Shaded only by ancient fig and baobab trees, Mumbo remains uninhabited save for a community-run eco-camp of seven chic tents complete with solar-power bucket showers, wind-up torches and compost drop loos.
... the tents are built into a second, smaller bouldered outcrop that’s joined to the main island via a twinkling walkway of solar powered fairy lights – the principal form of energy on the island.
Mumbo, I discover, is about unplugging yourself from the everyday.


The Times, London, Green Spaces Awards

Mumbo Island was a Category finalist 2008: Best Place to Stay (Worldwide), in the Times, Green Spaces Awards. Toby Sawday, the judge who visited the island had this to say...
What's it like? "I really enjoyed this place - it's utterly tranquil, and manages to balance indulgence with informality. I could spend a week here - reading, pottering about in kayaks and playing chess. The island has it's own little cove and the water is sweet and fresh!"
Significant environmental achievement? "An entirely off-grid camp that's almost 100% free from fossil fuels."
His full article follows:


Getaway Magazine, Evan Hausman, December 2009

..."A five-kilometre paddle northwards landed me on a bleached white beach on the rock-strewn shores of Domwe. Neat safari tents were concealed in the lush bush beyond the shore. Each had its own deck and hammock with views of Mumbo Island to the west – perfect for sundowners. There was no electricity, unless you count the solar panels powering the two-way radios. (Full text follows)


Africa Bespoke Blog, Susie Vester, 2009

This is one of those places where you think, ‘This is so beautiful, I have got to share it with everyone I know so that they can experience this; but then, if I tell everyone about this, it won’t be my little secret anymore, and so maybe I should not tell anyone and keep it all to myself, for myself…’. Kind of like the last Rolo in the pack. Its so good you don’t want to share it, but you really want someone else to taste it so that they can also enjoy how good it is! ...

I’ve traveled extensively around the world and within Africa, and its funny how I always end up forgetting how intense Africa’s beauty really is in comparison with some of the incredible places I have traveled to overseas. Africa’s beauty is in its rawness, its smell, its taste. And magical Mumbo offers all of that in abundance.


Sainte Verde Blog, Neville Trickett, Dec 2009

"Over the years we have been to Bon Bon Island off the coast of Gabon, the Seychelles, Bazaruto in Mozambique, Mauritius, Maldives, and too many coastal resorts to mention. Not one of them come close to Mumbo Island in Lake Malawi! It's insane beauty wherever you look. What my flickr set doesn't tell you is how cool the people treat you, not too in your face or fussy, just there to look after you whenever you need it. If you visit Kayak Africa's website it will give you the low down, but take it from me - whatever they say, it's better." (from Neville Trickett's Dec09 blog )